rd…maybe a platinum plus…back up the truck

game of the decade stuff


Lol. Love it. Thanks for the pick and the videos.


Good stuff! Father & Son at it!


Hey Guys,

JJ here. Posted another vid late last night with a free player prop for today in the NFL. Let’s crack this.


Fuck yeah! Great to see the new vids. Good luck and i will definately be watching. Thanks the 1st and 2nd generation.


Bol on it prop Jj
Glad u n the Boss are back up on the Tube…


thanx jj :muscle:


Thx JJ, I went right to BM and got Kyle R over 36.5 (-115)!




Thanks for the video and thanks for the play!
Please stop with the graphics falling over the screen, they are super annoying and distracting. Just my two cents.
As far as topics go, how about talking about the NBA and any angles you use when teams start tanking (assuming you buy into that)?


NBA? Pretty sure, no, change that to I know for sure, that Joe would rather suck your dick then wager on an NBA game.



NBA IS THE DEVIL…never touch the stuff


Really needed that win thanx joe


Hammered Tulsa Boss! Thanks for the pick.


Just saw this. Keep it going. Facts Jr. you are the man!!!


JJ. Just my opinion, but i believe alot of us play books that don’t always offer your player props…i.e. bookmaker. Great vids and breakdown, but it would be nice to have picks we all can play…or let us know what books you see them on.


Any vids for the SB?


my son has his props there

i’ll have my stuff will be posted here on friday


That’s really nice video special starting baby image.


Been following him since start…
He s doing great.