Who's your favorite rock band?


I’m old school, its ZZ TOP for me


Supertramp! Who I’m seeing Thursday night!


I saw ac/dc 4 years ago or so and I could not hear for 3 days… now you know that has got to be a good concert…


Going to see Bob Seger next month.Have seen him before and it’s a outstanding show.Looks like the final tour for him and if you have not seen him you should put that on your bucket list


Gameday, I think of all the aging classic rockers, unfortunately Bob Seger hasn’t kept the amazing voice - maybe those retirement years cost him, imo - but he has incredible energy for an old fart! enjoy the show, he’s one of the rare concert misses by me in my (many) years!


Led Zeppelin :muscle:


Zeppelin now that’s old school!




Saw The Who in 2009 then the next Year they do the 2010 Super Bowl… went around saying I knew they were good lol


People on this site definitely got some good taste in music


Bruce Springsteen hands fucking down, and if u call your band THE WHO that’s your band name The Who. Who the fuck listens to The Who are we all fucking owl’s now. Who who who


Bob with the smack down…

I went to see the Boss, but I was more fixated on The E street band member from the Sopranos… He looks like he wack’s people in real life with that scarf on his head…


Yep The Boss is definitely on my bucket list to see


I’ll bring this thread into the 21st century. If you guys want some good ole fashioned rock n roll, check out the Drive By Truckers. If you want some good ole fashioned Americana, check out Jason Isbell.


Drive by truckers kind of fly under the radar.They are a really good band