Where’s facts?


Did you close up shop joe?


just can’t seem to get people in here

very un motivating posting for just a handful of guys.

i check in weekly

but havent posted much


Just my 2 cents…

I haven’t come around for probably the same reason. We all need to make the commitment to participate during this football year. If every at least posted their best bet of the day… I think it would generate our buzz back.

Sorry but I don’t like the new layout of the forum. Don’t know why… just doesn’t feel like it was.



i agree

my problem here is the guy that designed the site
is awol

so me and ozzie cant do anything…as far as changes go

options are cut it off

or see if we get that buzz back

and just have guys post plays

bust balls

run contests

but i spent years begging people to enter free contests

and the same 10 would enter

and we had 500 people in the forum



I love this forum. Facts I have been following for you for over 10 years but never contributed to the forum much. I would like to change that and help create the buzz you’re talking about. Big fan of your son as well. Been trying to help him grow his channel so I’d like to do the same for you.