Whats the next tournament?


What is the next Tournament that most of the top Pros got to after the US Open?




Thanks BigBenny!
The Australian Open is the next Grand Slam and its not until Jan 2020.
But what do most of the top pros go to next.
I have never followed tennis outside of the majors but i wanted to watch more then four times a year.
Im assuming that Joker, Nadal and others play again before Jan.
But I could be wrong.
I was just wondering how much time they take off after the US Open, and where they will all show up next.
Any info would be greatly appreciated!


Don’t play after a grand slam… As a lot of players just show up for the entry money…
These players get mentally exhausted from the slams as so much sponsorship and pressure to play well is on… It ain’t a holiday for them…

The grand Slam concept is brilliant. They want to add another but the players association are against that money grab…

Because you might not be a tennis person but both men and women will channel surf and lock on to a match and get caught up in the excitement…

Anyway when they go to China later in the year most show up and give it a real good shot…


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Benny with the information…
What a guy…


Your The Best Benny.
Thanks for all the great info!


in china and japan now

i been betting them daily

wta matches

atp matches as well

these are easier then the majors


Do you watch these matches on tennis channel plus or somewhere else.
I’m realizing that their is no good way to bet tennis unless I get to know the players better and see what form they are in currently. the only way is to start logging some serious time watching matches. Would love to know how you watch all theses lesser matches,