What's the Best Sport to Bet on - AND WHY?


Factsman just said that 97% of MFs are losing at betting NFL!!!

WTF - That sucks to hear!

So, what is the best sport to bet on AND WHY? I want to know what you guys think…maybe even post some facts, figures, or even some statistics to back up what you’re saying. Don’t just roll up in here dropping BS…i wanna hear some serious chat as to where real sports bettors should be placing their money.

With that said, all you degenerates can reply as well. Don’t be bashful to come out and tell us that you have to bet 11 games a day even if some of those plays have to be in Snooker, Cricket, Rugby, or WHAT COLOR IS THE GATORADE GOING TO BE!!!

Ok, let’s hear it…

I’ll be back later with my take.

Also - You can post HOT GIRLS here too if you like.



It is what you are good at. I am good at NFL while now I found several bettors that are good at MLB.


Spector it is Baseball and nothing else is really close. I don’t keep records but can’t remember a losing Baseball season. In no other sport do you get as many games and teams that follow a form like Baseball. Recently I rode the Cubs and "Stros streaks because of Altuve’s return and the Murphy trade. You have Freeland’s amazing under record at Coors, as well as Degrom’a 20-3 under for first 5 innings this year.I have been fading the Nats all year. The A’s have been a huge $$maker. I could go on and on about different totals streaks I follow. Baseball is King.

For the other sports I do pretty well but only because I live bet or bet quarters or halfs. Preflop or pregame betting is gonna kill you in most sports. Derivatives are the way to go.
I hope that made sense.