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Bookmaker has been very honest with me. I posted a bet today of 505 to win 500 -105 but then see only 500 to win 500 is the bet. One bet not accepted was -120 was not taken and given back basically asking me if I still wanted it but @ -130. So I edited my post to read the odds were even money. They took the first bet at the more favorable vig but not automatically the higher vig. Very nice!

So I was 3-1 Saturday here. I also made a round-robin of parlays. Four events needing at least 3 winners. As I recall it was $200 X 4 events.
08/18/2018 05:38 PM
Ticket # 371404980
Risk: 800.00 - Win: 7,254.09WIN
MLB - [962] TOTAL u8-110 (Milwaukee Brewers vrs Saint Louis Cardinals)( W Miley - L / M Mikolas - R )LOSE
Score: Milwaukee Brewers(2) - Saint Louis Cardinals(7)
Game start 08/18/2018 06:25 PM
MLB - [964] San Diego Padres +144( ACTION )WIN
Score: Arizona Diamondbacks(6) - San Diego Padres(73)
Game start 08/18/2018 08:05 PM
MLB - [980] Seattle Mariners +135( ACTION )WIN
Score: Los Angeles Dodgers(4) - Seattle Mariners(5)
Game start 08/18/2018 09:20 PM
MLB - [953] TOTAL o9½-103 (Miami Marlins vrs Washington Nationals)( W Chen - L / J Rodriguez - R )WIN
Score: Miami Marlins(7) - Washington Nationals(5)
Game start 08/18/2018 06:15 PM

I am not sure what won and for how much. I have posted a somewhat similar bet as an example. I am a good picker but a poor bettor. Thanks.

This is not a real bet!

Multiple Bets

1 parlay of 4 Teams
x 1 Win: $0 FP
Max Risk: $ 10000 Max Payout: $ 150000
4 parlays of 3 Teams
x 4 Win: $13024.19
Max Risk: $ 10000 Max Payout: $ 150000


lines change

sometimes against you
sometimes for you

they are taking thousands of bets a minute
before we hit confirm

so that one was for you i guess


found it at:

If I did it right, it is below.




I am used to a book that used a lot more explaining on each event but was uselessly hard to read when I put in NFL 12 events of 3, 4 and 6 winners.

Answer found. The end.