Thurs 3/25 Col. BB


N.Car. St-ML

Memphis-4 >>>>won by 3

Western Kty-und 136 1/2 >>>>Fell on 137




Good Luck


Went to bed wozzy…If I could not add humor to what is going on with these picks…I’d be looking for the nearest bridge !



I have walked away from college ball…

If it’s not working leave it be…

I know a guy who was up 74k and not down 11k… He is just an Uber driver… he plays 225 a game and that is how bad this March has been to him…
guy wanted to cry. I said don’t chase as you will dig a deep hole… walk away for a week then regroup…

Trouble was that plenty of players just wanted out of the bubble world and tanked on purpose… unless you had a chance at NBA, you wanted your freedom to bang the girls…