Thurs 1/7 Col. BB (***)


Hofstra-4 (5 pm est)…17 pt 1st H lead…fell asleep 2 nd H…aggravating !

*No. Arizona-und 135 1/2

**Col. St.-10


**No West-ov 147

0-4-1…currently on a bad run…



It is those huge point swings from half to half that bust your grapes about College ball…

Was just watching this guy on the news via video link and he had gone into his bunker which has a time delay of 72 hours once it’s shut to get out, because he thought the nation had collapsed…

Would you not wait till the mess arrives at your door before you hit your bunker… then they showed his street and kids where riding bikes and a mail man was delivering mail lol… looked pretty safe and normal to me…


Agree with the first sentence…on the other…simply takes all kinds !