HE was a classic here at SFP and I MISS HIM HERE its a shame he didn’t give the full effort
to try and get back here at sfp posting fr whatever reasons.

he was fierce and posted a zillion picks daily which no one here does I miss him and his
**INPUT HERE . he is A big loss here amongest the members. **


He posted so many plays that would give everyone a direction to look at…

What a guy


and where have u been mr sports guy on a siesta on some island LOL :+1:


Been working hard and since this site was updated it got on too a ban list in the security software at work so can’t access it any more… And it’s seems hard on the phone.


Is Pit Bull okay ?


Sports guy … you get hard on the phone ?

I see nothing has changed with you.


Tin I said to this girl at Subway the other day that I could make a 6 inch Sub blush… she turned around and said “a 6 inch loaded sub would murder my vagina…” Then she said “why would I want your monster cock…and all that pain with it.” I said if you could spread the word of my monster among your friends it would be appreciated lol

Strike 1 on her… going to go back as we had some friendly banter…


Happy new year SG.
Hey, where’s Pitbull ?