the mind and betting



i have a question.

what do you guys tell yourself when you loose a stupid bet? because the first instint is to recover it immediately?

but how do you kill the thought and just forget about it.



If you bet to much of your bank roll then that thought would enter your head…

If you get emotional about a game it then drives you too do what you say…

Be mentally dead to the results and back your quality choices to get you ahead…

Also never hurts to step away for a day if you have a bad result…

Good Luck going Forward…


thanks for your reply

yes thats exactly what i did lol

i wasted a 3rd of my bankroll on the dumbest shit ever

the emotion I feel comes not from the game itself but the need to make up a loss, it always drives me to do some dumb shit

i should have walked away last night lol…

being dead to results would make me a king lol, thats my issue, i will work on it though, ive been on a very good run but last night and this morning has been :triumph:


books dont beat the players

players beat the players

quality over quantity

and as sportsguy said

take a day or 2 to recharge


Admittedly last night I got lucky with ND because Saturday I found -17.5 and bought down.

Still, I was totally unimpressed with the Irish’s performance, especially the first half. Plus baseball is coming down to September where most of the games are relatively meaningless, so I am forced to pick my spots and play sparingly. Rosters are expanded to 40 and with 20 or so games left it will be nice to wave the regular season goodbye soon.


I wish I read your message before this fucking weekend!!

I had a bank roll of 1700 GBP

Now on 1000!!

So ficking annoyed gave into to bullshit so pissed

How do you stop the inner response to make up the 700 u lost?

Like the restlessness ?

How do you just tell yourself hey man chill the fuck out and wait for when your team is back next week or whenever


I see

I only do soccer and at the moment is international break and of course I lost almost half my bank roll

Fucking shit bets and red cards destroying me :frowning: