Tampa Winter 2018/Spring 2019


Sunday 1/20/19

Will try and turn this around with a five bagger. I’ll probably play until down around $2500, then take the loss if there’s no ray of light…

Race 1
$20 win #4 Perp 4-1
Gonna blame last out on the terrible post. Got hung six wide on both turns. Those outside posts are killers here for stalkers and closers, unless your name is Chad Brown.

Race 4
$20 win #7 Hechicera 20-1
$2 DD 7-10
Horse has some real gate troubles, but if Ochoa can straighten those out might see this one win at a huge price. Two back was very competitive after a bad start, at 120-1. Ochoa’s proven the last three years he can hit 10% here and still have huge ROI. Gotta stick with him.

Race 5
$20 win #10 Early Deligh 6-1
$2 Ex 10/ALL
Looking for two in a row after scoring last out at Gulf, at 25-1. Two month layoff, so hopefully Ochoa has a trick up his sleeve.

Race 8
$20 win #5 King Tide 20-1
$2 DD 5-6
Will stick with Arboritanza’s third starts of the meet types. Hasn’t detonated yet, but I don’t want to miss out. Move to Coa tells me the trainer wants the horse handled a little more aggressively at the start.

Race 9
$20 win #6 Native Hawk 6-1
$2 Ex 6/ALL
Looking for a late day bailout from a 9 month layoff type probably isn’t the soundest game plan, but gotta keep the faith in Gonzalez’ ROI. Competitive races here last year. Hope for more of the same.

4-62, -$1747


Knocked $313 off the figure with a W in race 9.

5-67, -$1434


Great win…!!! Now ride some more winners… easier said than done lol


Wednesday 1/23/19

Race 3
$20 win #2 Mast Cove 12-1
$2 ExBx 2-8
.50c tri 2,8/ALL/2,8
A couple big names in here, so I expect these two local trainers to get ignored, but both Riggatieri and Bennett are having fine meets. Sided with Riggatieri off the 6 month layoff. His layoff stats are decent, and Bennet’t’s longer ones don’t seem to get there.

Race 6
$20 win #6 Doodle Hopper 6-1
$2 ExBx 3-6
$1 p3 3,6/5/ALL
Riggatieri again. Liked this horse’s chances last out against tougher, but got banged out of the gate losing all chance. Doubt we see the 6-1.

Race 7
$20 win #5 Wicked a Boy 20-1
$2 ExBx 5/6,2
$1 p3 5,6/ALL//1
Raymond has been awfully quiet since a 13-1 winner opening week. Guy’s numbers are too good to ignore at this price.

Race 8
$20 win #1 Emerson’s Queen 6-1
$2 ExBx 1/4,9
.50c tri 1,9/ALL/1,9
Deaton has fantastic ROI off the long layoff, while not starting many horses. Gotta pay attention when he shows up.

5-67, -$1434


Knocked $5 off the figure, but missed a couple of opportunities.

6-71, -$1429


Fri 1/25/19

Played two:

Race 5
$20 win #4 Mancora 5-1
$2 Ex 4/ALL
$1p3 4/ALL/4
Sticking with Ochoa until he busts me.

Race 7
$20 win #4 Jersey Street 6-1
$2 Ex 4/ALL
Same goes for Aldana Gonzalez, who actually has a few winners this meet. 16-1 deal last week, so maybe she gets rolling?


Saturday 1/26/18

Race 5
$20 win #3 Glamorous Thunder 12-1
$2 Ex 3/ALL
$2DD 3/3,7
Ubide has good ROI with quick wheelback sand turnbacks. This horse is borderline on both, with a 17 day return and a half furlong turnback. Good enough for me at that price.

Race 6
$20 win #7 At the Ready 10-1
$2 exbx 3-7
.50c tri 3,7/All/3,7
Lopez has great ROI in turf routes, gives him the nod over the Arboritanza longshot.

Race 9
$20 win #4 Grand Nenuco 4-1
Ochoa’s been a disappointment, but I’ll stick with him awhile longer. Not with confidence, though.

6-73, -$1491


When I was 23, this big time horse punter was bragging how he did so well… So I had to ask him his secret… He said I became one with the horse world… thinking that he banged a horse I had to ask… he responded with I drank the Cum of a race horse, it was about 2 Soda cans worth…

Just before I threw up everywhere he yells kidding kid, I do my form work days before and go and watch them train and never bet a horse I have never met…

I really thought he had taken the horse fluid, I gagged and gagged for the record…

Good luck on your next race…


Lollll. Are you giving me a hint?

6-76, -$1583


Only bet on horses you have seen run or had stable/training time with is a good one…

Don’t drink the fluid… My best advice I can offer…


Sun 1/27/18

Played three:

Race 3
$20 win#6 My Computer 3-1
$1 P3 3,6/ALL/6
Ochoa. Will look to wire.

Race 6
$20 win #6 Mulled Wine 6-1
$2 Ex 6/ALL
Sticking with Aldana Gonzalez and that Spieth fvcker.

Race 10
$20 win #9 Classic Run 30-1
$2 Ex 9/ALL
Ochoa longball. Although not sure how long after scratches.


Had a chance to bail out for the day in race 5, but surprisingly ran second.

6-79, -$1681


I was one girl short of a 3 way last night…

It’s amazing how so close still does not help…

Good Luck on your next plays…

When cars came in and horse’s went out many people tried to sell them but no one wanted to buy, so you took them to the butcher and he would carve them up to sell too the neighbor hood.

Something to think about if you want revenge on a horse… Eat it lol…


Wednesday 01/30/19

Race 4
$20 win #2 JP Hellish 15-1
$2 Exbx 2-5
$2 DD 2,5/1
.50c tri 2,5/ALL/2,5
$1 P3 2,5/1/ALL
Arboritanza and Granitz both entered here. Granitz is hot, Arbo isn’t, but I want to be on board when he finally breaks out.

Race 5
$20 win #1 Polygram 6-1
$2 Ex 1/ALL
$1 P3 1/ALL/2,5,6
Raymond been a little quiet as well, but can’t ignore his numbers last three meets.

I’ll be back later for the seventh. Lotta possibilities in there…


Race 7
$20 win #5 Katchup Tiz 10-1
$2 exbx 5/2,6
Three trainers in here that have great ROI at Tampa, but Riggatieri’s strong suit is in these Maiden Claimers so landed on him. Plus he’s having a way better meet than the other two stiffs.


Knocked $18 off the figure. Pathetic.

7-82, -$1663


Fri 2/1/19

Two bagger today:

Race 5
$20 win #7 Deesse 20-1
$1 exbx 7/ALL
$1 P3 7/ALL/3

Weatherington has crazy ROI here in extremely limited starts. Most of the ROI comes from her long layoff horses, which this isn’t. But I’m not gonna split hairs on apotential 70-1 shot. Maybe the dirt to turf move wakes it up.

Race 7
$20 win #3 Silver Duke 12-1
$2 Ex 3/ALL

Raymond has good numbers here up and down the board, but his ROI really takes off with his longer layoffs(60 days plus), like this one. First start for Raymond, first start in Florida, and first start for a brand new owner. Literally the owners first race as named owner. All seems pretty sneaky to me. Add in the fact that the previous trainer shares a last name with the new owner, and that trainer won with this horse at 66-1, and my alarms start ringing.

Good luck, folks.


Added in race 3:

$1 P3 4/ALL/7


Saturday 2/2/19

If anyone’s still reading…

Race 2
$20 win #2 Peyton’s Proud Girl 6-1
$2 Ex 2/ALL
Deaton has great ROI off long layoffs here, and this one’s coming back from a three month rest. Goes first out off a private transaction, something I’m always on the lookout for.

Race 5
$20 win #2 Go to Win 15-1
$2 Ex 2/ALL
$2 DD 2/3
Last race was too high a class jump for him. Went from a low level claimer, which he won, to a Starter Optional in which only one horse was available for the claim. Toss it. Horse has four wins in the last year at today’s level, theee if them coming over this course in sprints.

Race 9
$20 win #10 Soby Junior 8-1
Arboritanza had a nice W the other day, so hoping it’s finally a sign that his barn is ready to roll. Last year, his bread and butter were with horses making their third plus starts of the meet and this is start # 4. He’s like Ochoa where I’m scared to jump off…

7-85, -$1746


Some nice Double prices to the Deaton horse IF this heavy fave falters.

Race 1
$2 DD 1,2,4,5,6/2

$20 win #1 Kanza Kandy