Tampa Winter 2018/Spring 2019


Sat 12/22/18

Weather wreaking havoc on these cards…

Race 7
$20 win #4 Union Ranks 12-1
$2 exbx 4/1,5,12
$2 DD 4/4,8

Sinkiewicz strong suit is dirt routes. This one is off the turf and now being run at a mile and forty yards, so all systems go. Going turf to dirt and making a huge jock upgrade to Camacho, seems like the trainer is trying to shake things up. He had a double digit winner the other day, so hopefully the barn is ready to roll.

Race 10
$20 win #10 Soby Junior 10-1
$2 Ex 10/All

Arboritanza has great ROI with second starts of the meet and beyond, as well as distance turn backs. This one fits both bills, and looks to be a square price. Trainer kept us waiting a while last year before he started to roll, hoping he’s ready a little earlier.

2-24, -$494



$20 win #6 Perp 4-1

I thought the horse would open up in the 9/5 area. Sitting at 8-1 with 22 mtp. Raymond has solid ROI across the spectrum, and this horse has a win at the meet already. Pretty convincing one at that. Horse was opening up once clear. Should still be sharp off the quick turnaround.


Another $90 down the tubes…

2-27, -$584


Sun 12/23/18

A rare Sunday card at Tampa:

Race 5
$20 win #12 JP Hellish 15-1
$1 exbx 12/ALL
Arboritanza has very limited stats with fts 2 y/o’s here, so who knows what we get? But couldnt live with myself if he blew up the board on a day I’m looking to play.

Race 7
$1 P3 ALL/6/9

Race 8
$20 win #6 Doodle Hopper 10-1
$2 exbx 1-6
$2 Ex 6/ALL

Riggatieri has scaled back considerably from 2-3 years ago, but still hits at a nice clip with good ROI. This one was competitive here vs Allow level back in Feb/March, and we could toss his last race vs similar. Horse had its head turned when the gate opened, spotting the field a few lengths. Should get an inflated price on a horse that fits, from a sharp barn.

2-27, -$584


Another $80 donation. Is it too much to ask of a jock to hold a horse’s head straight when the gates open?

2-29, -$664


Wed 12/26/18

Two bagger today:

Race 4
$20 win #8 Amberjack 9/2
$2 Ex 8/ALL
$2 exbx 4-8
Second and third time over the course is the way to go with trainer Ali. Made the mistake of playing him early in meet, first over, when the stats and ROI are glaring second and third time. Someday I’ll learn discipline.

Race 9
$20 win #5 We’ll Composed 10-1
$2 Ex 5/All

I know I’m not getting 10-1 here, but I’ll be out all day and can’t monitor. Trainer Raymond has nice ROI all over the chart, and second time over the course is no different. First effort was a decent third, so the morning line is a bit strange. Same jock, tiniest of stretchout, same level. So no big changes. Hopefully gets ignored somehow…

Good luck, folks!

2-29, -$664


Ali horse ran great, got nipped. Raymond horse didn’t run a lick.

2-31, -$736


Fri 12/28/18
Gotta cut into this figure.

Race 4
$20 win #5 Grand Nenuco 10-1
$2 ExBx 5/9,10
$1 P3 5/ALL/3
Conflicting stuff with this horse. At 5 years old only has 15 career starts and coming off a 5 and a half month layoff. Tells me there’s some health issues to worry about. BUT the stats are good when it does get on the track, with 3 W’s in the last year and 4 total in its 15 starts. Ochoa is a trickster so not gonna talk myself off one of his long ones.

Race 6
$20 win #3 Pure Praise 8-1
$2 ExBx 3/1,7
Another conflicting deal. A rare claim by Lerman two starts back, has had all its career success on DIRT. So Lerman enters him on TURF a few days ago, race gets moved to DIRT after some rains so Im thinking its time to pounce. Nope, Lerman scratches and horse is re-entered today on TURF. So Lerman either thinks the horse has a turf future, or he’s setting up for a turf to dirt move next start. Worth a twenty to find out.

Might be back for the first race if we get a square price on the Ochoa entrant.

2-31, -$736


5-1 is good enough for me on Ochoa, so adding race 1:

$20 win #6 Persistent Run
$2 Exbx 3-6


Short one wins, long ones run well but lose. Frustrating. Knocked $48 off figure.

3-34, -$688


Sat 12/29/18
Like three today:

Race 3
$20 win #1 Midnight Blvd 4-1
$5 exbx 1-3
Granitz has four W’s already this meet, and a couple of good non winning efforts. Hes a consistent performer here, with solid ROI. Usually in the 3-1 to 6-1 range, but every now and then will pop in the $15/$20 bracket. Gets Camacho and sitting at 7/2 with about 10 mtp.


Race 7
$20 win #4 Mulled Wine 10-1
$5 exbx 4-5
Aldana Gonzalez at a price, I have to get onboard. Solid ROI in many different scenarios.

Race 10
$20 win #2 King Tide 12-1
$2 Ex 2/ALL
ARBORITANZA, second start of meet, cutback in distance. That’s been a winning combo last three meets, at a stunning ROI.

Good luck, folks!

3-34, -$688


Tampa burying me.

3-38, -$829


Sun 12/30/18

Race 4
$20 Win #6 Happy Princess 4-1
$2 Ex 6/ALL

Ochoa. See if this fvcker can heat up.


Race 10

$20 win #2 Peyton’s Proud Girl 6-1
$2 exbx 2/1,10

Deaton has great ROI in very few starts. Tough choosing him over Ochoa and Lerman, but those two aren’t exactly lighting things up.


2 is a late scratch in finale.
$20 win #1
$2 exbx 1-10.



Another donation.

3-40, -$887


Wed 1/2/19

Race 3
$20 win #7 Lloydly
$2 Ex 7/ALL

Downing has great ROI in turf routes, and this one has drifted up to 9-1 with 2 mtp


Race 10
$20 win #8 Beautiful Reminder 6-1
$2 Ex 4-8
.50c tri 4,8/ALL/4,8

I’ll stick with Aldana Gonzalez and that stiff jock, Spieth.


Another $66 down the drain.