Tampa Winter 2018/Spring 2019


Sat 2/9/19

After another day of shoulda woulda couldas, today looks interesting. Locals vs the Big Names. Should be some opportunities:

Race 2
$20 win #3 Texas Dolly 15-1
$2 Exbx 3-5
.50c Tri 3,5/ALL/3,5
Raymond won yesterday at 15-1, comes back today with this one off a three month layoff. That’s been his specialty the last three years here. The other option is the Arboritanza horse(#5), but gotta side with the longer odds. A mistake I paid for yesterday.

I’ll be back for the sixth race.

9-101, -$1915


Rest of my plays. Something needs to start clicking…

Race 6
$20 win #11 Barrell of Destiny 8-1
$2 Ex 11/ALL
$1 P3 11/ALL/8
Betthis one last out with the belief Granitz was a big improvement over Hertler. Got that part right but could only manage a tough trip third at 33-1. Hope the horse is still fit and gets ignored again.

Race 8
$20 win #8 My Bariley 15-1
Granitz again. Big step up but apparently likes the course and has some nice back class.

Race 12
$20 win #2 Croce D’Oro 10-1
$2 exbx 2-4
.50c Tri 2,4/ALL/2,4
Ali second time over the course is a strong ROI angle. He had a good looking horse yesterday but jock lost the irons early, losing all chance. Hoping the barn is ready to roll.

Hope someone is having better luck than me out there.


Horse odds make me drool…

Keep up the good fight…!!!


Sunday 2/10/19
Knocked $234 off the figure. Big one still eludes me…

Race 1
$20 win #4 Sweet Gelato 6-1
$2 Ex 4/ALL
The horses stabled here for Arboritanza haven’t done shit, so I guess he’s bringing in some fresh blood from Gulf. I’ll give him a shot in first over mode, since his other angles have been off this meet.

Race 5
$20 win #9 La Pichu 6-1
$2 Ex 9/ALL
$2 DD 9/1,3
$1 P3 9/1,3/ALL
In the last few weeks Ochoa has had a 71-1 winner DQ’d and a 24-1 shot miss by a head. Hoping that’s a sign that the barn is rounding into shape.

Race 6
$20 win #1 Bella Pierina 15-1
$2 exbx 1-3
$2 DD 1,3/11
.50c Tri 1,3/ALL/1,3
Minieri doesn’t win often but somehow sports positive ROI here the last three years. Majority of those long shot winners came in Allowance races like today’s. So we have a nuts and bolts claiming trainer that knows when to slip them in for a score. I’m in.

Race 7
$20 win #11 La Duquesa 8-1
Last chance for Lichoa. Thought he’d be a good follow but looks as if he starts too many horses for my liking. This one was recently moved to his barn by the owners after zero success with De La Cerda at Gulf. Beware these shifty Hispanic no name types.

10-105, $1681


Two and a half months remain. Just wanted to do a quick recap on trainers I’ve followed, and what I’m looking for going forward. More for a quick reference for myself:

Ali: one small winner. Will keep an eye out for his second and third timers over the course.

Arboritanza: has a ton of positive angles coming in. Nothing’s worked to this point.

Bradley: Hasn’t shown up all meet. Running most at FG. Hope he shows up with a long layoff type.

Connelly: very sparse activity. Looking for her Dirt to Turfers.

Deaton: limited starts. Looking for his layoffs of 30 days or more.

Downing: nothing out of limited starts. Looking for turf routers and stretch outs.

Gonzales, Aldana: has a couple nice winners. She’s live in all scenarios when hot.

Gotera: most disappointing. Hasn’t run one horse after saving my meet last year.

Granitz: as solid as they come. Should’ve been playing him regardless of odds.

Lopez, Angel: limited action. Turf routers are way to go.

Lichoa: not my cup of tea but may back at big odds.

Minieri: limited action. Only play in Allowance races OR at huge odds.

Ochoa: I keep getting mad at him, but then realize he got DQ’d at 71-1 and just missed at 24-1. A little racing luck and him, and I, are having big meets.

Raymond: solid in the mold of Granitz, but has two $30 horses thus far. Fun fact, I missed them both. Long Layoffs the way to go.

Riggatieri: returning to his solid rep. Hard to get a price on the live ones. Maiden Claimers the way to go.

Sinkiewicz: having a good meet yet hasn’t scored with his bread and butter dirt routers.

Ubide: limited action. Turnbacks and short rest are way to go.

Vinson: mainly at Gulf. Long layoffs are a gold mine.

Wetherington, M: limited action. Watch for the long layoffs.

Jocks: Camacho and Gallardo tower over the colony. I predict Gallardo catches Camacho for the title. Morales, A.Santos, and SPIETH believe it or not are all growing on me.

Updated Record: 10-109, -$1831


Wed 2/13/18

Card cut cut to shreds after rains. I bet these but who knows where the odds go?

Race 1
$20 win #4 Polygram 7/2
Raymond having his usual solid meet. I gotta start takingvwhat they’re giving on Raymond and Granitz. Price will likely suck with Camacho named, but any momentum I can get at this point is welcome.

Race 4
$20 win #2 Little Chick 15-1
Was excited about this one until field size was cut to 4 after scratches. We won’t get anywhere near the morning line, but maybe longest shot of the 4? Ali’s third over the course angle is strong.

Race 8
$20 win #9 Indy’s Quick Image 30-1
$2 exbx 9/ALL
Arboritanza third time over the course. Usually a solid angle but he’s having a woeful meet. I like that it comes off two speed/fade efforts in a row. Maybe the moisture carries it a little further?

Updated Record: 10-109, -$1831


Keep the good fight…

His Mother was a MUDDA… His Dadda was a MUDDA…

You need that type of horse with all that rain… if you have ever watched Seinfeld you will know that gag from Krammer.


Similar gag in the old Odd Couple. Loved both.


Sun 2/17/19
Creeping closer to my cutoff limit of $2500. Gonna rely on my main man Scott Spieth to start the comeback:

Race 1
$20 win #1 Jersey Street 6-1
$2 Ex 1/ALL
$2 exbx 1-7
Horse has a win over the course this meet and Gonzalez has solid ROI in dirt sprints and third starts of meet and beyond.

More later…

10-116, -$2049


Throwing a couple Hail Mary twenties on Lichoa:

Race 4
$20 win #6 Sunshine’s Out 30-1

Race 10
$20 win #2 Meetmeatthewire 30-1
$2 exbx 2-4


Race 5
$20 win #6. Judith Runs Too 3-1
$2 Ex 6/ALL
Sinkiewicz having a great meet so far, particularly in these 7f dirt sprints. See if he could break my slump.


Wed 2/20/19
I played these today:

Race 5
$20 win #6 Swingstage 30-1
$2 exbx 6-7
$2 DD 6-5
$1 P3 6/5/ALL
.50c Tri 6,7/ALL/6,7
Horse took a roundabout route to Gonzalez’ barn. I’ll stick with her and Spieth until the end.

Race 6
$20 win #5 Native Hawk 7/2
Caught this one last out. Better price then, but seems to be in form.

Race 9
$20 win #9 Darlindiva 15-1
$2 Ex 9-10
.50c Tri 9,10/ALL/9,10
The Arboritanza Hail Mary. Horse is stretching out, going dirt to turf off a decent effort. Need him to get hot to save my ass.

Heading to the water park. Will tally up this mess tonight.


Tampa got the best of me this year. I tip my cap to anyone winning this meet. I’ll tally it all up tomorrow, then close it out.


No retreat no surrender is my motto…

May be start playing Tampa in Ice Hockey as they are doing well with 7 in a row I believe


Updated record:

10-123, -$2233

Tampa whipped me. Only way I jump back in is if Gotera or Bradley show up.


267 left in the Tampa bankroll. I bet these, $20 win apiece.

Race 2
$20 win #6 Milbra 7/2 (Gonzalez/Spieth)
Race 6
$20 win #2 Moonshine Cate 10-1 (Arboritanza/Boulanger)
Race 9
$20 win #2 Can’t Say No 12-1(Gonzalez/Spieth)
Race 10
$20 win #5 My Computer 15-1(Ochoa/Urdaneta)


Hope you turn it around… rooting for you…


Thanks sportsguy!


Two more today:

Race 5
$20 win #7 Indys Quick Image 30-1(Arboritanza)

Race 10
$20 win #3 Fort Ridge 5-1(Granitz)
$2 ex 3/ALL

10-127, -$2313


New record: 10-129, -$2371. Not my worst meet moneywise, but certainly my worst meet where the gates open and I know I’m already dead within the first 50 yards. Will play out the final $129 today, then block it out of my mind until November.