Tough one there, Rd. Army was up by 24pts…but they bottle it in 2h.

And WestVA nip+tuck, loses by 3. I was listening to TxTech radio. 1st time Red Raiders ever won at Morgantown, so I liked your bet (win or lose).


Nice hit on USF, Rd.

Feel like u were unlucky to not hit 2 of 3.


Sports-ctr just showed the Army meltdown. 26-pt 2h lead blown. Pipped at the horn.


The perils of betting money lines…usually get a good sweat out of them at least.


9-9, +$644


Good Work!


Evansville +210. Risk $100/Win $210


bol young man :duck:


still awesome record:muscle:


Thanks, guys. Swing and a miss with Evansville.


Wed 1/16/19

Wichita St +130. Risk $100/Win $130

9-10, +$544


Good Luck


Very nice win, Rd.

Shockers played a great game. Marshall was pumped!


Thanks, Chuck. UCF May be for real and much improved, but road faves in that environment is a stretch. Plus Coach Dawkins is a confirmed moron.


Rd, I watched a good bit of the game. Wichita was really focused. Like u say, the home court was a factor.

I’ve talked about Fall on here. He’s an awesome talent, but he didn’t dominate that game last nite. Doesn’t get enough rebounds, 27% FTs, can’t really play him when rallying, etc.




Thanks, Oz. Chucky, it’s embarrassing that guy can’t average 10 rebounds. They make fun of him for it down here on local radio.


Tue 2/19/19
Bradley +152. Risk $100/Win $152

Line is up to $160, but I bet it earlier.

10-10, +$674


thanks chief :duck:


Sun 3/3/19
Wichita St +138. Risk $100/Win $138

10-11, +$574