Playoff baseball ⚾️ 2018


Astros are done :white_check_mark:




A Texan man with big balls has given up on the Astros…

I guess next year for them…


Haven’t sold out that they might win another game but not 3 straight!


802] Boston Red Sox -153 ( ACTION )

World Series - Game 1
[902] Boston Red Sox -170 ( ACTION )


I want to buy your crystal ball…

Well done my man… I’ll have a burrito in your honour…with double liquid cheese and a ride to the hospital on standby lol


Lol sports :joy:
World Series - Game 2 - Boston Red Sox -143 ( ACTION )


BOL Tonight Bro!!



Rolling this mother fucker out tonight!!! :smiling_imp:

Boston Red Sox vrs Los Angeles Dodgers Hits,Runs and Errors (both teams)
[7906] TOTAL u24.5 -115 (H+R+E vrs H+R+E) ( R Porcello - R / W Buehler - R )


i like it!!!


Fuck this bullshit! My gd game is good for 17 1/2 innings… fuck it as i will double down multiple units until Boston screws these pricks! LA is a joke :joy:


You got your wish with Boston smoking them in the 9th in game 4…

They should change there name from Dodgers to Dodgy…