Patrick6 MLB 2019 🍀


Thanks sports I try to be a good guy!

Texas Rangers


Took it on the head last night! Short of the story I was at the game and liked the rangers bats at home! Hell I was wrong!

Tonight I’m taking 3 units and busting up into this! :four_leaf_clover: now I could lose my ass but I might not!!! Wish me luck​:+1::us:

Cleveland Indians
J Palumbo - L / A Plutko -R
2½ Runlines +184

Cleveland Indians
J Palumbo - L / A Plutko - R

1H Cleveland Indians
J Palumbo - L / A Plutko - R

1H Cleveland Indians vs 1H Texas Rangers
J Palumbo - L / A Plutko - R

2H Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians
J Palumbo - L / A Plutko - R
Team to Score First

J Palumbo - L / A Plutko - R
Score in the First inning

H+R+E vs H+R+E
J Palumbo - L / A Plutko
H+R+E - Hits,Runs and Errors (both teams)

Cleveland Indians (A Plutko - R) vs Cleveland Indians (A Plutko - R)
J Palumbo - L / A Plutko - R
Cleveland Indians (A Plutko - R) - (Away) Team Total


That’s how the hell one goes 9-0 for a nine bet sweep on one game!!! :four_leaf_clover: Now I know it was worth a bit over 3 units but Hell Yea! :broom: :broom: :broom: proud moment lol :joy:


When you go too the bathroom next your women should hold your Dick out of respect and be proud to aim and shake it for you…

That is a fine effort if there ever was…

Great Great Great…


Thanks sports! Have to say it was a pretty cool :sunglasses: night! I was like check that’s a win check check lol I’m gonna see if my lady is down with the bathroom fun! lol :joy: cracking me up!


Also I can say “this one time I went 9/0 on one game” :face_with_monocle:


Some guys want a 9 inch Dick, I want to go 9-0 and then get surgery for a 10 inch Dick with the winnings.

You saw them live noticed Texas was playing trash and you faded them in a mega way.


I did! Lol :joy:


Rolling out 2 tonight!

Houston Astros

Houston Astros (F Valdez - L) vs Houston Astros (F Valdez - L)
C Green - R / F Valdez - L
Houston Astros (F Valdez - L) - (Away) Team Total


gl big guy :duck:




Those Yankee bats came to swing… and they did…


Will double back today and see how it goes!


This is what I’m rolling out for the day! GL to all! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

Houston Astros

Texas Rangers (A Jurado - R) vs Texas Rangers (A Jurado - R)
A Jurado - R / R Lopez - R
Texas Rangers (A Jurado - R) - (Home) Team Total


Let’s GO ASTROS!!!




Don’t know how I missed this… 9-0…Wow !..Congrats…My Friend !



0/2 on the night! Thanks marine!


Texas Rangers


L Lynn - R / O Despaigne - R


0 for 2 myself…better luck to us today!!!



Rangers spotted the 4 in the first lol :joy: 0/1 let’s have some luck today!