Patrick6 MLB 2019 🍀


banging on the Red Sox to win me my money back today​:dollar::us:

Boston Red Sox -155 - ( ACTION )

Game Start 06/12/2019


gl pat :duck:


Thanks Ozzie!


Walk off walk for the W :four_leaf_clover::+1:


Late night play!!! :four_leaf_clover:


H+R+E vs H+R+E
J Verlander - R / B Woodruff - R
H+R+E - Hits,Runs and Errors (both teams)


Bet Boston had you on the edge in that game…

Winning by a Walk is like ya Dad throwing you the keys to the car when you were younger and nagging to borrow it…

Glad your Back in the Win Lane…


Probably gonna hit Boston tomorrow or the HRE on that game! Thanks sports! Glad you hit it with me! Team win!!! What’s on your mind for the NHL game? Under 5? 1.5 GLine +160 Boston -180?


Last year was a 4-3 final score…
Boston at home should have it but these teams can battle…
Going to be great and plan to watch… Chug a beer each time the puck drops game maybe played lol

Have a Top Night…


Got unlucky that this fucking game goes 14 innings and lucky :four_leaf_clover: it lands under @ 24? :pray::four_leaf_clover::star_struck:. W=W


Someone was on your side for that wager…
Great Result

Boston Papers will be playing the blame game as to what happened in Game 7… Het ready to read it…

Hope you just watched it and if you did the total you pushed… Which is sweet as well as it ain’t a loss.


Na sports just stuck to the baseball today! Had a good feeling on that Astros play! Both strong pitching and most of the Astro bats had yet to see that kid! Worked out in the end but shit I hit it with an extra damn 1/2 game! lol Fuck it! I will take a cash however it comes.

As for Boston not winning​:shushing_face: Don’t tell big Benny! He’s gonna be a mad man! :rofl: Like Boston needs another chip for the next 10 years Lol




H+R+E vs H+R+E

D Price - L / A Sampson - R

H+R+E - Hits,Runs and Errors (both teams)



Good Luck…
I am on a plane eating Nuts… She gave me 2bags as she liked my smile… I want to shove 2 loads into her as I Like her ass… but those Air Marshal’s may not agree lol…
Have a great Day…


bol :vb-santa2:


We got clipped as David price is a pole smoker! :rofl: 6 runs in about six minutes from him! Lol we will get it back! Ozzie she looks yummy! :yum:


To take away the pain…

This girl has just got that thing that makes a girl sexy… At the end the smirk etc… She’d be a fun interactive F$&@. Ohh Yeahh


Baseball can be frustrating like this guy washing his hair lol


Dude sports you keep me cracking the hell up! And you don’t post shit videos either! :ok_hand:

Just have this one today! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover: Rangers/Indians



H+R+E vs H+R+E

L Lynn - R / M Clevinger - R

H+R+E - Hits,Runs and Errors (both teams)


1 for the good guys! :+1:


And you are that good guy my man…