Patrick6 MLB 2019 🍀


Going to take 2 tonight fellas! Let’s go Astros and HRE under 28!

Houston Astros


D Smyly - L / J Verlander - R

H+R+E vs H+R+E
D Smyly - L / J Verlander - R
H+R+E - Hits,Runs and Errors (both teams)




Just saw your post… I’m on the Astros as well… Live betting is -4.5 for them so that’s a good sign while they are 4-0 at the bottom of the 4th

Good Luck and Happy Easter my buddy…
I am downing some chocolate Eggs, I promise you that…


Double dip! :+1::white_check_mark: thanks sports and chap!


Looking forward to see More of your plays


Hitting up pretty much the same play as yesterday!!!

H+R+E vs H+R+E
A Sampson - R / G Cole - R
H+R+E - Hits,Runs and Errors (both teams)

1H Houston Astros
A Sampson - R / G Cole - R

Houston Astro’s
A Sampson - R / G Cole - R


Good Luck… hurray to all things Texan…
Especially sweet ass Latinos… lol…

Game has started but hope you win…!! Always late to the party…


Cole is smoking the pole for me as of now!




Thanks man!


Shit I was busy at work I missed your plays


Well you didn’t miss much! lol :joy: 0/3


Rolling out 2 plays tonight fella! Sweep :broom: time and get back some from the Cole meltdown!!

New York Yankees. -102

Oakland Athletics. -141


I’m on the Yankees as they have momentum and the Angels pitcher is walking retirement…

That Oakland game, I just don’t know the pitcher…
Hope you do well…

Good Luck


Let’s get it on them yanks.


GL PAT :grinning:



Yankees win… I can wear my cap with pride again lol…

Only wore it once this season when banging my girl in the kitchen demanding that she calls me Judge and then the guy gets injured… So she has gone back to calling me F&&K stick…


Sweep! :broom:2/0

That’s some funny shit sports!


Banging on the same two series as last night!! Let’s get it!!! :moneybag::moneybag:

New York Yankees

Oakland Athletics