Patrick6 MLB 2019 🍀


What’s up fellas and gals! Let’s kick some bookies ass!

Cubs down in Texas for opening day! Rangers can’t pitch and Minor vs Lester? Like the number and match up!

[933] Chicago Cubs -124

ActionM Minor - L / J Lester - LJ Lester - L / ActionAction / M Minor - L



Great to see your ass again…

Go cubs is the word of the day…,

Good Luck


The Cubs?
They still have a team?

LOL - BOL today Bro!!!



Good to see you again. Bol


good to see ya kid :mouse:


Good to see all you guys kicking still! Working to damn much as the boss now lol :joy: . However baseball is back and it’s time to play!


Being the boss is like being a baby sitter half the time…

Hope you have a pack of baby wipes on hand at all time lol…

Great start and I’ll have a bowl of Chilli in your name Me Texas… or bang a Mexican with a good booty lol
What ever honours you more…!!!


Big booty Latina for damn sure sports!

Like this…


Patrick she is begging for your man hood…

And she be a great one to pass around at a party.

Have a great night…!!


Rolling out another game today! Like the number considering Cole might be in the race for the AL Cy young and the Houston bats came out swinging!
Let’s do this!

Houston -141


gl 2 u :duck:


Thanks Ozzie!! :+1:


I’m on Houston like a rash on a hot sweaty summers day…

Bang this is going to fire straight tonight down the win column…

Good Luck


Top of the 9th scores are 4-2 with Tampa in front…
Houston put 2 on bases with 2 outs and it looks like a come back then Kemp strikes out… Living on an edge and the rush is what I miss about this sport…



Stay with me on Houston sports! Going to the game and feel good a out the plays ronight! Good luck to all!

Sports my Mexican friend I posted gets me going for Houston every time I scroll past her!!! :money_mouth_face:

1H Houston Astros

Houston Astros

S Miller - R / J Verlander - R


My man you capped Texas perfectly…
Just messing…
Any thing exciting happen at the game… or was it more like a rally of guys discussing how to protect the border or may be who has some long pipe so we can explore for oil…


4899 4899


Funny you should ask if anything interesting happened at the game. Some of us had to much beer! :beer: This 19 year old kid that works on one of my crews ends up sleeping with this 30 something blonde Dallas type blonde fake tits and all! I told him to swipe the company card for a hotel room!!! I’m getting soft in my old age! We busted his chops the next day asking about his night! He had a blast that night and morning! :joy::joy::joy::joy::+1:


Dallas type is a good type… sounds like she eat him alive… Lucky kid… Your a good boss too…


I like this one tonight boys and gals!

Arizona Diamondbacks. -134