On the list of things I don't wanna do


Got my girlfriend preg, meh we both 29 and I knew it was coming jus thought it would be little later but w/e I’m feelin good cuz we own our own biz, home that’s paid off and make right at $95-100k a year (more like 70k after supplies n what not), got it better off than any of my friends that knocked someone up.

Thing I don’t wanna do is tell her dad.

On Christmas morning this man had a pistol in his sweat pants pocket, like he always carries guns and is the type of guy that hands you a knife on first date and says “if you get horny think of this knife in your pocket chopping off your balls”

I’m thinking of meeting in a public place to tell then instead of their house which has a “gun room”.

I’m thinking of claiming the virgin conception and sticking w my story. Least that will give me time to start runnin when he goes into the gun room.

If I’m rambling its cause I’m drunk n a lil high, and just found out my girl is gonna have a baby