New site suggestions


It kinda sux when someone has a season long thread and you gotta scroll through 5 months worth of post to get to the new one. Can y’all fix it so we have to scroll back not forward?


Yes your right Ralphie boy maybe joe will deleat the old posts so we don’t see it any more


Nah man they are season long threads. I just meant when U open the thread you start at the bottom. if you are on a mobile device it’s a fuking pain in the ass to scroll forward to get to the new post


The more time I spend on here the better it gets


Here’s the simple shortcut:

When you’re looking at a thread on your mobile device, toward the bottom right of your screen you’ll see a yellow box with the numbers, like “1/61” for example, which refers to which post (1) out of the total posts (61) in the thread you’re currently looking at (1 out of 61) - and when you click on that yellow box, on your iPhone for example, it becomes a scroll bar and you can zip to the bottom instantly with just one flick of the thumb.

Also, when you’re logged in, the forum software remembers where you left off on the threads that you’ve read. So when you go back to a season-long thread, it should open to the last post that you’ve read in the thread.


What about our signatures? Has that feature been completely eliminated?


mike will read this…and let us know


Checking on the signature lines. . .