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I am as guilty as the next guy for not being active in the forum. Things get busy and pushed to the rear. This forum was a lifeline for me during my last two deployments in Afghanistan. Facts even answered and called me out on his podcast and it made me realize we were not forgotten over in the suck. I will start posting all of my picks for others to check out and use if they chose. I will recommend the forum to the guys i know and put it out in my tweets. Lets get this forum rolling again.


Right fucking on !!!


Let’s get this MF going!


thanks brady

lets do this

a nfl contest next week…if we get 25 guys

ill double the free play contest from $100 to $200

non bookmaker players

i’ll go in my pocket and send out a $100 shell gas card

or the facts card free for 30 days

who wouldn’t enter that contest ?


25 people…we can get this going!

Hell yeah, lets do this! I am in!


Im un too


Drop a line in here so we can get an idea of people interested. Bring a buddy too. Like facts said…what other forums have these types of contests…and who is willing to double the free play if we get more people…no other MFs…lets get this forum back to its glory days.


I really did appreciate you calling me out in a podcast…not enough to give you a handjob or anything…but maybe just touch the tip…haha.

Seriously though, it made me and my buddies at the FOB feel like we weren’t forgotten back home. Thanks brother.


your a good man brady

i will start the thread with the rules on Tuesday
in the NFL room

added prize option…THIS SEEMS APPROPRIATE

i’ll buy a big ass turkey for the winner for thanksgiving