Netflix, what you watching?


Just finished El Chapo pretty good but season 3 has a big budget cut…

Going to start Good Girls tonight as I like the red head with the big Jugs from Mad Men…

Any hidden gems anyone has found or show they like ???


Watch the Movie the Seven Five it’s awesome.


A dirty cop documentary showing of NYPD finest… will put it on the watch list… actually watching Flint about the city, it’s like a cops ride along…

Seriously last person on the city turn out the light, what a shit hole…


iZombie. A fun show of a med student or young doctor who gets infected by a zombie. She can still work in a morgue but needs to eat brains to keep from turning into a full-on zombie. When Liv Moore eats a new brain, she has visions of what the deceased saw helping police.

Fun show. Lots of referrals to odd movie quotes.


American Gods, about to start watching Sex Education