you all should know my email

in the event they shut the lights off in here
and you guys need me for something drop me a email

quick version

the guy that built this site is nowhere to be found
me and ozzie have no way of adding updates

or doing anything except banning users
that for the most part dont even know how to get in.

a look around the forums and there all dead
it’s now the twitter era
the you tube era.

but at the end of the day even in the old place
it got tougher and tougher to get guys active in contests

best bet threads.

i have no inside info. on when and how long this place stays open

i guess when i unplug it…being i wouldn’t no who else
to ask.

other then that save the mail just in case
this the forum goes off line


Thanks Joe. Hope this was profitable for you and not a loss. You are right about all the other forums. Just a bunch of guys screaming and insulting each other is all that is left. Anyone with a decent take on a game or sport now selling picks on twitter etc.
Stay in touch bro.


lose money every month dog

just too lazy to close it down

might call it a day after march madness


yes when the lights go out here many memories fr me here and there all GOOD


many years…many memories :duck: