when i beat bookmaker for the million dollar challenge it would have been impossible to win any other way.

so i think i had to win 60% of my bets without laying 130 or higher
tough task…to risk a million dollars on.

i remember it like it was yesterday…when the risk manager and there head linesman told mickey…dont do it.

he has something up his sleeve…or why else would he do it

he was correct…what i figured was it was easier to go 4-0
5-0 or 6-0 being right once instead of picking 6 different games.

so thats how i won the challenge.

i was asked after i won it on a Vegas radio station
why dont more people wager like that…well its simple

1 you cant parlay these kind of bets as they are correlated.

  1. fear of being wrong and going 0-4 or 0-6 or 0-7

now my thinking is i should rarely, if ever lose them all

even if i’m wrong i can still be 3-3 or 2-4

my best analogy to these kind of bets are

you know a horse is ready to run a big race

and if he finishes in the money 1st-2nd-3rd your fine

obviously if he wins you make a score
but that horse can be full of run…but racing luck has him running 4th.

what you did was give yourself the best chance to win
when you gamble on sports thats all you can ask for
then say a prayer -stick a horseshoe in your ass and cross your fingers.

i remember the rado show in Vegas…Scott spreitzer was doing afternoons
this was before pre game…i like scotty a lot we go way back.

he asked me (do i normally use 6 plays in just 1 game)…i said yell yeah

so if you have 3 good games you can go 15-3 or 16-2 hey even 18-0

i said CORRECT

he then said for a guy to go 18-0 over 3 days picking 18 separate games
what are the odds?


years ago when i had over 300 on my program we did more of this

As i gradually got away from picks for sale end of the business (invite only)
i dont have these as much as i used too.

Generally guys that took advantage of some of the monthly promos ozzie ran
had no idea how to lose they figured OK whats it $600-$900
for the facts card for 2-3 months…COOL i cant lose now
yeah u could…losing is not prejudice …WE ALL WIN AND LOSE

But during the summer…i will do 1 a week for my current guys
and some mini’s like 3-4 plays in one options.



and more then that that eye test
that can give you that winner
by just looking at the page.

thats what i do.

i look at 2 teams- who’s pitching then try and make a case
with the tools i have

in the end if you get the perfect storm…bet it 4-5-6-7 ways

good luck to you all



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glad to hear ryan

bol 2 you