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my question here is can we talk to each other while we are online like a chat basis thing


I’ll wait for boss to chime in, but it’s very unlikely. We discussed this in the past and private chats seems to breed drama in the background…There’s always that one clown that screws it up for everyone else.


benny i dont do it…i’ll tell you why
scammers come in and pretend they are my friends
and tell guys to pay them for some fixed game
or some ponzi scheme…its safer and you all desrve your privacy


yes I understand yet there are few guys here I wud love to get the talk with wud be interesting yes:smiley:


Oh believe me…if we could do that i’d have taken advantage of Joe years ago by sexting him for some free play at BM…he’s a sucker for that kind of stuff. But, you have to pretend to be Russian and you have to mis-spell a lot of words so it all seems real. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That would be good because then I could justify all the Dick Pics of myself I take lol…

But on a serious note we would break into groups and just chat amongst ourselves.


There is an option for a real time chat room type thing, would alleviate concerns of backdoor scammers, but it’s really @the_factsman decision