I clicked on the Bookmaker Banner here on the forum. Being from Canada I decided to go the MoneyGram deposit method. It is what I felt most comfortable with. After sending the moneygram I returned home and entered my confirmation number. Thirty minutes later the money was deposited into my account. I emailed Joe and not even 30 minutes later I had my 100% bonus applied to my account. A free $500. Very simple and quick process. Plus which is probably the most valuable piece of this puzzle is I get Joes card for a week to build my $1000 roll after only depositing $500 of my own money. Look fellas College Football is just around the corner. Shortly after that NFL begins. We all know some of you are going to be doing a deposit at some point soon. Why not take advantage of the 100% bonus and start off a winner. This was the easiest process Ive ever gone through. Bookmakers customer service was great in the online chat. After seeing how quickly Joe got things done I know if there is ever an issue I cant resolve on my own he will have my back. How many online sites can you feel that comfortable and have that type of peace of mind with. Go ahead and get your bonuses while you can fellas. I recommend it.


sounds like great service