Inspector's MLB Plays


Nice to see you get the Met game…



U didn’t lose Dback under because of pitcher change.:wink:


Marine the comment was because how bad Severino has performed $ wise since the all star break. Not breaking his balls, we have had a steady dialogue about Severino. Wouldn’t do that to Inspector. He is a first class guy.


What the hell are you talking about…read it again…your comment was closer to busting his balls then my comment to him about being on the right side but getting a bad result…and I think if he took it that way it would be up to him to mention it and I would of taking care of explaining it to him…busting balls is what your doing…I make light of a lot of things by injecting a little humor into something that can be nerve racking at times …in this particular comment I was merely stating that he got a bad result…as did “I”…there was no bad intent…I’m pretty sure he took your reference to rehab as a joke as he most likely took mine as what it was intended to mean…



I wasn’t thinking you are right, except I never meant u did anything negative. You did what you said.


i laugh at almost everything you 2 knuckleheads type…it’s always hilarious…and if it’s not, i make it funny!

Take a shot of moonshine, slap some perty girl on the ass, and just smile!!! Life too short for misunderstandings…oh, and if ya cant do none of them thangs…i’ll get er done fer ya!!! Yee-HAA!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Ok bitches…going balls deep today - Hang On!!

NY YANKEES -1½-145 (3 units)
CHI CUBS -1½-105



I should of taken my own advice and read it again…went back and read all pertaining to the subject in question…found nothing that should of prompted my last comment…apologize !



All good Marine.


Great Day Champ. Now may be the time to ride the Yanks. My reasons are this 1) Obviously the A’s are pushing them fore Home field in the WC game. But even more importantly (2) Judge returning to the fold even if he can’t hit for awhile is good for morale. It’s like when Cespesdes was with the A’s. Their win % was like .690 when he was in the lineup. Some guys just have that effect.

Maybe they go on a streak like the Cubs and 'Stros did when the Murphy trade was made and that wonderful midget came off the DL.


I know Marine is reading and hope you were on the Yanks last night as well. Semper Fi you cantankerous old bastard. :laughing:


Great Job on the Yankees… put it down to Judge of the Disabled list excitement even thou he is not clear to hit yet…


No argument today…I’m fresh out…just to let you know though…I double checked the meaning of

cantankerous…as I already knew the meaning of old bastard……



So did u take the Yanks my friend?



CHI CUBS -1½-110
NY YANKEES -1½-120 (2 units)
BOS RED SOX -1½-140



Yes…Yesterday & today…



All that shit I said about the Yankees. Uh, scratch that.


PHI PHILLIES -1½-115 (2 units)
CHI WHITE SOX -109 (2 units)



They score runs…no pitching…….they get pitching…don’t score runs…………SCRATCHED !




ATL BRAVES -1½+150



Biggest dog day in MLB i’ve seen a a long time…was yesterday

303-262-4 (-23.64)