thanks fr the info here as to where we are here the forum its nice to be up to date on info :+1:


I hate the new look and have not posted lately (not that I posted a lot before). This is my first visit in weeks.

At least they could have made it LOOK similar to the old site. The layout is not user friendly at all.


I wish we had a gimmick. Just to bring some of the old crew back. Football season is one of the most busiest times of the year. Plus you have those who love basketball and hockey too with those seasons in its early stages. Don’t get me wrong the perks and promotions here were fantastic. Factsman had tremendous pull and a following from bookmaker where he could do all that he mentioned above. You know you had cappers who took advantage of his packages and facts play cards week in and week out. We even had a good advertising schtick where we can pass the word around for other forums to check us out. I don’t know the extent of the graphics or navigation of the forum to have such a big impact, but I can’t lie most of us wish the format would have stayed in place as it was near perfect to find your way around. But at least despite it taking some time for us to sign in over here due to the spam it was originally causing, we are here and that’s really all that matters.


I am guilty of not posting lately.


I am as guilty as the next guy for not being active in the forum. Things get busy and pushed to the rear. This forum was a lifeline for me during my last two deployments in Afghanistan. Facts even answered and called me out on his podcast and it made me realize we were not forgotten over in the suck. I will start posting all of my picks for others to check out and use if they chose. I will recommend the forum to the guys i know and put it out in my tweets. Lets get this forum rolling again.


I don’t really see much of a difference outside of the color change? Too much fuckin’ butt sniffin’ and not enough tittie starin’ and ticket cashin’. Lets post those Saturday plays, cash those winna winna chicken dinna’s and everything else will take care of itself. Bang mother fuckinn’ bang. [insert pot smoking emoji here]


Nice! I love it! Cash them fucking tickets and dont sweat the small shit. Lets get this Saturday rollin! I will be posting more Saturday picks soon!


Lets cash this fucking Saturday just to get ready for tomorrow
Bol yall


the top post in Facts room says "whipping out a Wednesday winner from Aug 22. What’s up with that?


i cant answer for everyone underdog

i’m guilty for not posting like i used too
but i cant talk to a empty audience

time will tell


I just meant it was showing up as the top(first) post in your room, even though you have posted afterwards.
Wasn’t commenting on you at all Big Dog.:grinning:


This place looks great. Super fast, too. I like it.


thanks RD

i think 15 years with the same look
guys dont like change,me as well

but i think if we got posters in here
everyone would be fine