looking around i dont see much happening
we lost some good posters not wanting to give this a chance

look i’m guilty as well…i rarely post anymore

i told the guy doing it…keep it as close to the same as possible
most people dont like change

but that software was outdated

we will see how we progress through march madness

if we dont get better results
i’m going to pull the plug on this for good


The front pages posts are all from June so people stopping by would be thinking the site is abandoned…

The new colour scheme is good but I wonder for a few days if you tried the old colours out orange and something but may make people feel comfortable… and the posts don’t have read counters so people can see if it’s popular…

Just saying… I miss the interaction that use to happen in the threads. No one is busting balls… and now Gunner is straight it’s caused Ritchie and the others to step back and reflect on life…


pitbull and other old schoolers want to come back posting

but the sign up has him confused
others like the rooms all on 1 page like before

here is the thing…the guy who made the change
is a very good friend of mine

he does this computer shit better then bill gates

but sports forums in my opinion
are like your favorite neighborhood bar

the place may look like shit
but its our shit

hopefully there is a middle ground

btw sportsguy

i had a dream i was stroking your penis last night

*** note NOT A HOMO

but i was impressed with the girth keep it up my friend


yes such a shame here THE END IS CLOSE if ONE cant see that then ur BLIND :smiley:


And I want to use some of that girth to corn hole players on teams that cost us money…

All I know if I go down that path I will need to fight chafing everyday lol…


I think in a previous post sportsguy was wishing me success and rooting for me in game 7 of the NLCS with Milwaukee.

He inadvertently said rioting and I comically replied there’s nobody left here in the forum to riot with. Reminded me of a Rodney Dangerfield-type punch line.

You know things are on life support when I post a week of NBA games on the tracker and, well, you’re the only poster.


I just want to let you know guys that this is the only forum I see everyday, metter fact the only one I see, I found it cause Joe the facts man videos on YouTube, it always excited to come and see what you guys think I also share some of my picks.
If you unplug this for a good I will understand just wanted to share this with yall only thing that piss me of it’s not to found this years ago.
How ever thank you for making this happen

Ps. Elbigjeff from mexico that loves sports and money


thanks jeff…nice to hear that.

i actually hope more people would get involved.
entering contests

i have a open check book of contest free plays
i cant even give away

0 risk with a free roll if you get lucky
shit i’d do it and i’m rich.


I hope inevitably this thread encourages and motivates those who were here for a short and long time, and the few that are still left to keep posting. Football season should be a traditionally busy time, especially at the peak of college and the NFL. Still holding out hope.


Sporty he is a HOMO (FACT)


People only talk like that when they have been knocked back. I will have too cut down on my rejection’s lol…

Gunner your a great guy, Now make me a sandwich with chicken and ranch dressing.


and get me a hot towel before you start
on that sandwich.


Your first post is from Aug 22. Why?


who’s 1st post dog.




Faith only runs me so far. Ill always love this place. However Im a realist, and it may be finally time to face reality.


there’s no gun to your head jimmy.

i’ll leave it at that


You need personnel to pilot a plane before it can take off. We need our core back.


Those days are long gone early 2000’s with tin cup and jjcavelia not sure if I spelled that right Joshknows, pawpaw, I’m older and I don’t like change like most of us. But I also agree with trying something new I’m not a handicapper I don’t post plays years ago we played poker online sports forum picks guys, we stayed up late and gave play by play on boxing matches now we can watch them for free online hell we really don’t need to pay for picks anymore we can find them online but this place has always been fun, bash free, like a blue Coller sports forum that weather your the 500 doller a day better or a 10 doller a day better can enjoy. Like many old school guys it’s a habit to check this every day but In reality nothing changed. This forum dident fail the old forum dident fail things change. Like land line phones to bag phones to brick looking cell phones to flip phones now to laptop cell phones. What ever happens it’s been one hell of a ride (Sorry I can’t spell or text message for shit)


the bottom line is the old version…was so outdated
we couldn’t fix a problem if it occurred

so our only option was to upgrade

so we wind up here

older posters…either bust out/ quit betting
or get shit from there spouses for being on the forums.

i really have no answers on why the others did not move over

its not like its running through hoops to join in

i honestly can tell you guys

no forum has the budget to do the contests
i can do

free plays
gift cards
facts card
super bowl squares
free casino play
march madness brackets

just to mention a few

so why guys wont post
and enter contests…is beyond belief

maybe if everyone hit social media
and tell them to stop by it would add juice to the place

sure i can do podcasts
or comp games

but i wont talk to myself

i got over 1 million hits on my you tube videos

doing a podcast with 10 listens is taking a step backwards
and it would be a embarrassment to me…maybe its pride
or ego…but i feel if i cant give away free money
by guys taking 2 seconds to enter a contest

how do i get guys to listen to a 20 minute podcast

again…i’m always open for some suggestions