Hail to my NATS!!!!!


The greatest season in Baseball History. 5 Elimination games they fell behind and each time came back to win. Worst record after 50 games to ever win a World Series. If they wrote a movie with this story, no one would believe it. I was a season ticket holder the first 3 years, so they make me very happy. We went from John Patterson and Tony Armas JR. on the mound and Elijah Dukes and Nook Logan in the field to this!!!

And these motherfuckers made me $$$!


**yes congrats to them great series also


Hard to believe they’re only around for 14 years. The oldest team in baseball produced and delivered like long term vets, defying the huge odds that Houston, a better than 2-1 favorite when the smoke cleared was favored. Great series and win!


The Nats are road win Warriors…

All the claps too the Pitching Coach as he had that unit in shape…

You can have all the talent but unless they have direction and polish they will fall short…

Just impressive…


Most of the blame on this one falls on Hinch. How could you not use the eventual HOF’er in Cole? I know the Astros didn’t particularly hit well at home, but then you proceed to take out Greinke in the 7th, allowing only one hit on 80 pitches. Props to Soto, Rendon, Kendrick , and Straus for carrying this bunch to success.


Jimmy I think he was hesitant to use Cole because he had never come out of the Bullpen before. If you remember Corbin for the Nats came out of the pen for the 1st time against the Dodgers and was awful. After that he was nails. I think Hinch figured it may not be the best move because 1) again Cole never did it before 2) Two days rest 3) high leverage situation.

Hindsight is 20/20. Cole may have gotten the outs needed. Or he could have been shelled. We will never know.


Sportsguy. I can’t believe they pulled this out. All Martinez’s decisions worked. It was comparable to having an hour and a half roll on the craps table. Amazing.


Point taken Underdog, but Greinke was pitching great. I understand you make the move if your starter loses the lead, but you have to know Cole was itching to get in there as evident of his post game comments saying he was no longer employed by the team. His frustration boiled over as you have all winter to make free agent decisions. That in my opinion is just neglect and lost confidence on your manager’s part. in a game 7, you live or die by the sword.