Forum Bug Reporting Room


To whom ever built this new forum website…either tell me how to fix my starting date in this forum…

or do it yourself…its not 2018…check your archives or review the old forum info…others have had

theirs updated…it wasn’t by any any divine intervention…somebody knows how to “GET"ER DONE”



Please reply with the following info so we can investigate the issue:

  1. the “member since” date you want

  2. the usernames that you found are displaying the correct “member since” date

:+1:t2: Thanks


How can I UNMUTE something so that it will show “LATEST”…its on as “MUTED”…DON"T WANT IT MUTED…



Muted? Can you attach a pic of the screen so we can see what you’re referring to?

You should be able to click on the hamburger button (the icon that looks like a Big Mac - 3 horizontal lines) located in the upper right of your screen, and then click on “Recently Updated” to view the list of “Latest” posts.