Former Linesman Jeffray Gardner Has a Coffee & Chocolate Shop in LA


I hope it’s alright to post this story in this sub, but I just had such a great thing happen. I recently moved to Torrance (Los Angeles) and was looking for a coffee shop. I find this place on Yelp called Marsatta Chocolate, and it has close to a 5-star rating so I decide to go.dkt nsw

So I go to the center where it’s located and end up walking in circles looking for it. Turns out the center is under construction so it’s hard to find. I end up getting coffee at the 7-11 across from the center. As I’m walking back I see the shop. I step in and tell him what happened. Then I see his young daughter playing with a hockey stick and I mentioned that I’m going to the Ducks game tonight. He said that he is going as well. So I ended up sitting down and talking hockey for about an hour-and-a-half while the NHL Network was on in the background.

Turns out he was a professional linesman for years. I mentioned watching the Bob Probert documentary and he said he broke up Probert’s first fight. Then we ended up talking about all sorts of players through the years. Great guy, great conversation, great chocolate. (He makes the chocolate himself.) He said that he was kicked out of his old business location because his kids were playing hockey in the parking lot, and now business has been down 95% at the new building since the remodel and he has to work a side job to support his five kids and keep them in hockey. ESPN has a story about his family. Sounds like a


Sounds like a intresting guy.
I’m not far from Torrance, i’ll have to go and send some business his way.
Thanks for the story.


Great to see a person have a simple chat like men…

A lot of these retired athletes are starving for friendships and quality talks as most people just want from them…

Great Post.