fantasy football 2019-2020


Hope we can skip Espn they doing everything thru their dumb app and freezing out computer usage , and i want to be able to use my computer its bigger and easier then staring at the tiny cell phone screen constantly


Espn works perfect on the computer, had a draft yesterday and it was great.


NOT ON MINES sents me to mobile app


when it says get a public team sends me to play store then wants cell number not like last year at all …dont know how youre getting around it it says … Play Fantasy Football in the ESPN Fantasy App , the #1 Fantasy Sports App!.. lets skip this headache use nfl Fantasy or yahoo


no idea


We need 2 more/ Use For chtap2323!


yes Will work Great thaxs UD


were running out of time GOODFELLAS we need to get to Drafting SOON we Have enough to do this


What’s up?


Ok cool
Let me get things setup today
Post info tonight

How’s Monday draft night?


ok fine with me


lets do this


Let’s Go Gentlemen!


if you are playing



i’m still in i could get 1 more if needed


Me and Varment are in.

League ID: 8167539
League Password: sfp


sign up




only 4 signed up