Hello Everyone. Since Facts has started making the YouTube Videos again I figured we should start a new thread. He has lots of knowledge and experience hes willing to share so lets take advantage of it. Feel free to post any questions or topics you’d like Facts to cover on some of his upcoming videos.


In Game (Live) Betting. Is this something you do yourself or would recommend? Reasons why or why not. Thanks Facts.


Some depraved way he has treated a hooker in the past… may be a crazy celebration that was sparked from a win at the tables… may be the name of a horse that he bet on that’s still trying to cross the line. Any crazy stuff that has happen to him like a wine bottle neck in the ass…

The man has lived 20 lives, so I sure he has lots of material…

I like hearing talk about a -1 or -2 team going +1 or 2 and winning more times than not… that angel must be money… when you have all the yes and no factors worked out…

Let the Tape roll and what ever comes out is Gold…!!

  1. live in game betting
  2. finding a wrong line
  3. in depth on big chalk money line parlays
  4. over thinking your wagers
  5. forming a betting game plan
  6. bitcoin
  7. futures

if you like these topics reply
or add a new one

i will also touch base on a black jack system

getting the best bang for your buck at the dice table




Forming a betting game plan,bitcoin,blackjack strategies all seem like great topics to me




I like all the topics named above, and would love to hear some behind the scenes stories from the Greyhound industry now that Florida has banned it come 2020.


got tons of greyhound stories


Oh for fuck sake. Can’t race dogs, can’t have a fucking classic cheif wahoo mascot, these soft motherfuckers. What’s next jerking off will be banned?

What’s the story of the dogs shutting down? Some tree hugger got offended?? It’s funny how it’s ok to let them race for another year and all the many of years before now, then all a sudden in 2020 its unethical or some shit? I don’t know, could be more to the story but seems like it shouldnt be banned