Good all around family values video lol. Kinda shocked of all the favs you like. Never seen you like so many


with bowl games…i just get my number…then match it against the line.
usually its 60/40 or more dogs…this time the favorites figured on the first few

but i’m sure it will even out

at 1st glance this year could be 60% chalks
i try and do these 5 games at a time

i’ll start the dec 18th games over the weekend


Thanks for the video Facts! Also thanks for the KC first half winner. Lets get these bowl games this weekend. Also as a reminder there is a topic below to ask questions you’d like Joe to answer on his videos. Lets take advantage of this fellas.


Are those tickets from Charles Town? If so, how’s the sportsbook there and the facility overall?


Hi Samantha!! Uncle Ozzie misses u :grinning:


solid sports book…for wagering…

they take anything…never been shut out limit wise

took 1st half cbb for 5 dimes they didn’t blink

NFL you can bet whatever u want

they take 5k on 1st period hockey

there lines are easy to take advantage of

I’ve seen 3-5 point difference in hoops
from bookmaker

I’ve crushed them…to the point i have a guy there posted checking with me every 25 minutes.

there independent these use bill hill lines but dont know
to adjust


Good to know. I’ll pop in there next time I pass through.


Really appreciate the plays on your video!!! Incredible 10-2 and could’ve been 12-0 if not for lack of timely def…thanx and hope your videos are back cause they’re always entertaining to say the least


if you look at the tickets i went 11-1
had Geo Southern -1…I thought 12-0 but Fresno choked in the 2nd qtr.

but i sure as fuck aint griping…oddly the forum never watched or bet the games

my you tubers and social media guys won solid money


I fucking did cuz, huge thanks!

Side note, no disrespect, but your and others comments do not take into account the many of us that are married or dating seriously that on weekends or evenings are with family et al and just can’t contribute as much as we would like.



i’m busting balls…

but dont lie to me and tell me you got a wife or girlfriend or both

you jerk off like 99% of the rest of the forum guys

me being the 1% that actually gets some calamari (gollamod)

happy holiday johnny


I cannot tell a lie…I cannot tell a lie…


Very nice, Facts. I cashed a few winners thanks to you.


Nice work, Facts.


Thanks for the winners!
Took home a few, didn’t have the balls to bet them all.
But thanks for the video!


Factsie knows his stuff :sunglasses:


Facts, the life u lead. Compliment from Sean Connery? Now…that’s a cool story.


chucky…funny thing is i had no idea it was him.

but he was a real good guy.