Euro 2020


Parlay 6-17
Germany + 136
Italia - 208

Granny O 2.5. -102


6-11 future
Italia + 830 to win Euro


Baby boom,ya baby


Rooting for Italy, second leg of parlay
Adding 6-20
Turkey U 2.5. + 113


Italy cashed . Turkey big disappointment


6-21 adding

Denmark - 149
Belgium to win nil -115


Danes making a bid
Lukaku to nil = 2-0 for me
I guess it was a good day after all


Thought that upsets will start next week.lookig hard at my plays tomorrow


6-28 adding
Croatia + 1 -115


France - 1 + 121


Can’t say I was dead wrong, they were up 3-1 with 10 minutes left.but I can say that I was waiting for the big upset


Before the tournament a commentator said it’s either England or Italy…

Could he be a wizard lol…

Keep the battle up


Got future 8-1 on italia


You are a Visionary…

Hold that ticket tight… Good Luck


I thought they had an easier path than France.that my sound funny since they got eliminated


Italia in the championship game,Ya Baby


You dance hard my man…
Well Done


Yup.nothing easy here


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Me too Ryan