Elbigjeff 28


Okay let’s fucking ride this bitch too

Oregon +8.5
Texas Tech +2
Tennessee -1.5
Gonzaga -7.5

Wish me luck and good luck who ever is playing the same… big fucking day


Ride the bitches till they need some water…

Good Luck


bol my friend :eagle:


Thank you all you guys are fucking nice… let’s add an other little one is Oregon over 120… let’s get it


Lets fucking cash this bitch only Tennessee and the fucking late over diente cash… just today I still happy as fuck will see next move coming soon


My friends @sportsguy and @ozzie real motherfucking Gs on this forum… shout out to Facts man and Junior hope they see my shit tooo


The last game was defence city… all about hogging the ball…

Here is my secret wish to buy this year…

A lounge chair that is ultra comfortable and has a toilet built into it and a fridge on the side so I can watch some great baseball games on the weekend…

Watched a video of a guy on YouTube with one and I put it on my list…


That sounds about right… I hope you get it, now I want one too