E mail address


i have been a member here fr somtime now i dnt ever recall where we cud address
a member here and ask to exhange emails here.
so i ask the administrators here joe u listening here is it okay to
exchange emails here with members.
myself i thinks its a good suggestion here frm me.

regards bigbenny or ben at times


I’ll email you Benny…

But if people send you Dick pictures then you are now in the 21st century…

I miss the days of written mail and the fun of opening the mail box… Still get mail but all bills or junk now…

I often wonder if I should get a pen pal…


yes u and myself wud match up well as pen pals
we cud talk discuss a million subjects YES :+1::+1:


I would always look forward to them…

I could share my new meal of the week…Raspberry and Vanilla Oats… with Soya Milk…

So simple but Yummy… where has it been all my life…


email (me benji105@handecapper.com
list urs back to me


Ok saved it…


yes send me a message with ur email address ok