Djokovic vs Coric


No way Djokovic losses to Coric!
Im going to get on some in game plays.
Anyone else watching Live?


I missed it but 12 cents return on a dollar down wont pay the rent as they say…

Hope you did some good angle bets…


Great point, only bet i could find with plus odds that i felt had a chance to hit.
Hard to make any money with such a huge favorite.

  • MU - B Coric vrs N Djokovic: N Djokovic Player Total Games [288130] TOTAL u12½+105 (N Djokovic vrs N Djokovic)WIN
    Score: N Djokovic(12) - N Djokovic(0)
    Game start 10/14/2018 01:35 AM


Good angle… Well done Mike…