Hey guys,

A friend of mine at work who just turned 21 a couple months ago was admitted to the hospital friday night. Diabetes. He came home yesterday. I’ve been in front of the computer reading up on it since i knew absolutley nothing.

I was wondering if anyone knows anything that could help me help him threw this major change in lifestyle. Is there anything I could notice if his sugar is to high or low? Mood swings, stary eyes i don’t know. Or if he passes out or starts having one of those strokes i read about. What am I suppose to do? Will I have to jump out of my wheelchair to hold him down or do CPR or anything?

Every time we went to lunch together we would hit a buffet. I know those days are over. Is there places we could go or are we brown baggin’ it?

Like I said, this is totally new to me so any and all info would help me out.



It is a shame at such young age to experience diabetes. I have a girl who know for many years and it affected so much her life. She was slim and cute, my best friend wanted to be with her for many years. Suddenly she gained weight and became very serious, unhappy. It changed her character. I can understand her from some point of view because she was only 18. Now she uses insulin and told that maeng da kratom powder gives her pain relief and in case of bad mood works splendid to cheer her up. I know this stuff also, but don’t have money now to afford it because I’m a student, thumbs up.


I am sure they have a cure but the big companies make so much money from the medicines and the doctors from all those billable hours… No ones in a rush to release it…

It’s like HIV and all those people that worked on the inside saying there was medicine with an 82% cure success rate but then they can keep selling the medicine for life… it makes sense if you do the maths…

I avoid Krispy Kream Doughnuts and Soda’s , that’s my medical advice…


get blood work done…should be able to tell from that :duck: