december 7th college football


virginia family here…but cant see clemson not crushing the wahoos today

28.5 is a big number…but thats like -3 for clemson

i think better value might be clemson -17 1st half

maybe buy down to 16.5

and as a lean…ohio state just blows everyone out

short price for a 1 dimensional team

i think laying is better then taking in this spot


Good Luck


thanks sportsguy

that seemed easy


Easier than banging a Fatty…

Yet they love the attention, but if she rolls on top of you and pins you down, you have to hope like hell she understands the wrestlers tap out or you are F&#k’ed… lol…


At 9-4 Virginia has had some nice moments this season. But the ACC needed a paper contender to go up against Clemson in the otherwise overhyped one team dominance. I will say that I am surprised the Tigers have opened up a slight favorite against Ohio St, but then again Clemson are the defending champions. If not for that late false start at the 2 yard line and overall slow start due to Fields’ injury, OSU scores a TD and covers instead of that fg. Solid call Joe!


I think the media and a lot of people dont realize how well coached Clemson is .They got talent but this coaching is by far better than any team out there.These players buy in and believe from the get go