Crazy US OPEN Final!


Wow what a crazy Final.
Cant believe the Umpire affected the Match so much in a Grand Slam Final!
Did anyone watch it live?


Osaka was the better player… So the drama on the way is history now…

Japan is dancing over this… It’s great for tennis


For sure, Osaka would have won anyway, but now all we are going to hear about is the drama.
But i guess its like the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity, so i guess Tennis wins!


Serena, as great as she is, is also the poorest of sports and THE most annoying complainer since John McEnroe. Never a dull moment when she loses as there always has to be controversy and drama involved.


Statistically Osaka did very well…Was pleased to see Williams take the high road at the end and ask folks not to boo.

I was not unhappy when i cashed my ticket for sure…:moneybag:



hi I am a tennis watcher soooo is my wife been following it fr years
serena is classless Osaka played well out played her period.
congrats to NAOMI :smiley::+1::+1: