Chicago Black Hawks


Guys keep an eye on the Black Hawks 1st period overs it is hitting at an alarming rate. Ill find out the stats but its a moneymaker.


29 out of the last 35 have gone over 1.5 in the first




:ok_hand: Great Work


3-0 in the last week, now 32 over out of the last 38


good stuff finzzzzzzz :duck:


another 2 winners, if you had over 8.5 in the first in yesterdays game against Ottawa you were winner !!! streak is now 34 out of the last 40, 5-0 since I posted this stat hope you guys are making some money


another again last night 4 goals in the first 6-0 since posting and 35 of the last 41


cant play the line tonight as it is -1.5 -273 think vegas has caught on lol but ill be watching might play over 7 +110 as all the period overs are nuts 2nd is -278 and the 3rd is -285


not only is over in the first period hitting at an alarming rate they have played over 6.5 in 19 of their last 20 games as well.




And streak ends… with no score in the 1st against the ducks… a player has just been ejected so it will be a crazy match now…


After that scoreless 1st it looked bad.

Tampa & Columbus playing tonight. Dallas also playing in LA


over in the first streak ended but its still hitting like crazy as is the over 6.5 in all their games