casino questions


just wondering if there is any way to get more play money for blackjack i’m trying to learn it all and get better but only have $9 in play money


Better gain experience with small bids


Yes, books certainly help, I have read a few and I can say that it is better to read the literature before going to play in the casino. It’s even better to watch more professional games like poker. In General, I like to play poker most of all. Here the creative side of a person is revealed as you can bluff. I play here I like online casinos because my smartphone is always at hand and you don’t need to travel far to a real casino.


i play a very unique style of black jack

if you read the book on how to win at blackjack you’ll go blind

trust me


Edward Thorpe’s Beat the Dealer: Strategy for Winning Blackjack is one of the best books I’ve read on this here topic.