I just wanted to make a shoutout to The Factsman and Bookmaker. If your new to betting and worried about payouts or problems with bookies, just click the Banner here in the forum and make an account with them. When The Factsman says he has your back, he means it, I know personally when he helped me out.

When you open an account with the Banner you get the best bonus available (I got a 50% bonus) and the Fastest payouts on the internet.  Also if your like me and like to use bitcoin its available with no fees to withdraw and very very fast.

 If your betting on sports, you owe it to yourself to play somewhere reliable and trustworthy like BM  and I can't recommend them enough.


Joe hooked me up as well. It’s stupid to use any other service


The place is great plus they get up the lines so fast!



with football season approaching

if your new and sign up

you have to click on the bookmaker site here in the forum

open the account
and fund it with in 10 days to get the perks

if its past 10 days your going to be a house account with a piss ant 10%

new guys to bookmaker i’ll get you 50%

reloads up to 25%

office pools
contest stuff
free facts cards
i will arrange a nice basket of goodies for you.

fund it then email me

i’ll get your bonus in
so dont ask those slanglish speaking fucks

just email me your info within 24 hours of funding it


Camps starting up!


He hook you up

i told u facts knows cats(dfjlksfjsldk)