Big Jeff


I post this shit because I want to thank The Facta Man for bringing me here about 8 months ago, thanks to his videos on YouTube.
I also want to thank and congratulate all the top Dogs here my humble opinion.
Thanks to Inspector for the NCAAB Run, you fucking kill it man.
Thanks to chtap2323, Thanks to Rdalert447, thanks to jimmythegreek for putting a lot of work with the stats and picks, thanks to GameDay, thanks to bigbenny, thanks to RalphieBoy he a killa too, and thanks to many others that makes this Forum fucking amazing. I shere some picks before on the MLB season and after that I stopped today I realized how fucking selfish I’m for not taking time to type more as I read all of you guys.
MLB was an amazing run and I can’t forget the beautiful end I played the 4 last games of the series RedSox -1.5 make a lot of money doing that while my colleagues through I was little crazy, same with NCAAF today we played 10Gs on Clemson +6 and 5Gs Clemson ML, key was defense if you look at numbers Alabama was placed on N° 12 and Clemson N° 1, I know its late now to share but the main reason of this post is that I want to compromise my self to share our best picks that my and my colleagues play, Charger ML was huge for us too last weekend.
Thank you guys I’ll be taping more here since you all are fucking nice people we all deserve to win the big loot.
With all the due respect Facts man you and your son are fucking cool, thanks for having this Forum I actually see it as a special club.

Thanks y’all


Glad you are here and welcome!


happy that ur happy :grinning:


You’re the man, Big Jeff. Look forward to your baseball stuff!