benny nhl 10-08 tues


san jose/Nashville (over 6 (w
kings/Calgary (under 6 ( L
4-7 ( -3.00


Benny was reading around the place that Pittsburgh was the play of the year but they are 1-4 nearing the end of the 2nd…


Ps hope you doing great in waging and health


Just to share… Calgary was the big big play across the net and surprise surprise it tanks…


yes there will be many teams tanking as u say its very early here in the SEASON


Just sad to see so many loose money Big Ben…

Hope you have a positive season as you are gifted in the field of NHL…

Best Wishes




yes tonte ty


first thanx fr ur comments always appreciated by me whats sad here in this forum
there are only a few guys who show lots of interest in the forum and there are many who left
for many reasons. im a competitor not only here but in life yes. I love posting and showing my stuff
sometimes good sometimes bad (lol