Pats - 2.5
Pitts +150
Tenn - 10
Colt - 8.5
Tampa - 9.5
Rams. -6.5
Chargers. - 2
Ytd 108 - 121 ( end of regular season results


enjoy the games :lion::lion:


Good Luck today and thanks for those messages…

Spent the morning passing out food parcels to people with Covid and did not get to really look at the football…

Thanks for your messages… But have not had a chance to really study this week…

Hope you clean up…


Patriots look good thou… lot of motivation in the game for them…

But if the bills have too big a lead then then New England will rest as they won’t get the home game and nothing to play for…

All these what ifs can do your head in


u think tooo much lol lol:grin: