ben (mlb) 9-12 (sunday


TB -150
TOR -145C
MILW - 110
ATL -130
HOUS - 130
KC +160 *
LAD -180
WASH -135
REDS -130
SF - 190
CWS -160 *
OAK -200
SEA -190
METS + 110 *
:baseball: * 3 team win parlay
ytd ( 530 - 437




Toronto Wow… That is an NFL Score 22-7…

Good Luck on the Night play Mets…


White Sox’s winning thriller…
Went strong in that game as when you go against your team, I listen… Thanks Big Man…


if u noticecd i had 3 teams marked with the asterick
white sox
kc royals
wash nats
i also told u in a message play a 3 team parlay straight bet money line
I HIT IT YES + 500.00 went heavy on it i added wash
in there instead of the mets


Great to hear about wins… I did a Mets, Saints, rams, Toronto, giants parlay… Just sweating the Rams…

Have to clean my mind… So you are my therapist tonight…

I had 47 parlays all into Novak winning the US Open…
I should be in a sad place but I know it is how things happen…

A lot of them were 5 and 6 team parlays… So many were 100 turning into 1100 etc…

Just can’t be buried with it… ( I Say)

I really thought he could do it… and then I watch the guy crying half way through the match… wow…

Thanks for listening